Ellen Herbert

The subtle complexities of a Creative image-driven project - be it still or motion, a campaign or an event - requires experience, nuance, strong contacts, great energy, diplomacy, flexibility and humor. Ellen Herbert and her company NEAT Production offers a full suite of art production services and tools.

With an extensive background in art-production, covering all aspects of the stock photography industry, working with clients in a myriad of disciplines, Ellen is ready to create, manage and support your project, offering:

  • Art Buying and producing services
  • Estimating & budget management for stills and footage needs
  • Casting & talent negotiation
  • Location scouting and procurement
  • Hiring & Crew management:
    • Hair/MakeUp Stylists, Set/Prop/Food Stylists, Digital Techs, Assistants, Retouchers
  • On set Management & Co-ordination
  • Post Production management
  • Photo-editing, Keywording
  • Consulting for Stock Photography
  • Photo Research and Clearances


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